Let’s talk summer!

We know you probably won't sit in front of your computers all day waiting for something to come up. But in case you're already checking out the internet and looking for an inspiration, our student Sarah wrote a couple of things to do in sunny Hradec Králové. "Classes at the university already ended, so now … Continue reading Let’s talk summer!


Internship = coffee making? Nuh-uh!

Is internship just a bunch of tedious bureaucracy work? Our student, Anežka Pařízková, says no. Why don't you find out for yourself? You might even get to some pretty interesting events. "A lot of students imagine an internship at a company as just making coffee to the directors and working on boring administration stuff, for which … Continue reading Internship = coffee making? Nuh-uh!

The effects of internship

You might have noticed that there are several of our students currently in Mexico. Well, what do we say, the country is very appealing for Czech students. And yet again, see for yoursel, Iva Lišková reffers about her internship with CzechTrade. "The biggest benefit from my internship is the improvement of my communication skills and … Continue reading The effects of internship

More insights on life in Portugal

Kristýna Lantová, a history student from the Philosophical Faculty, is on her ERASMUS traineeship in Portugal. Today she has some info for you, in case you're interested in casual life in the mediterranean country. "I live in Portugal as an Erasmus student for almost 7 months and I think I can already say something about live, … Continue reading More insights on life in Portugal

Even bigger pizza shapes!

Last Friday (9 March) the Philosophical Faculty of UHK went for another skiing trip with its international students. The goal was quite simple, train the next generation of Winter Olympic Games winners, and as far as skiing is concerned, we did great. The rough start was expected, some had to gather their strengths at the … Continue reading Even bigger pizza shapes!

How not to: freeze to death

You may have noticed the icicles (in Czech it's called rampouch) running down from pleoples noses these last couple of days. There are also these weird fluffy balls of fur strolling the streets, those are presumably people trying to protect themselves from the cold by putting on every single piece of clothes they own. And … Continue reading How not to: freeze to death

Skiing with the Philosophical Faculty

Today we've got something special for you, Philosophical Faculty took its international students to a skiing trip! Laura Torres, a student from Venezuela, writes about her insights from the trip. I always tend to wonder what is next for me, I do not expect anything in specific, I just wait. A great surprise came a … Continue reading Skiing with the Philosophical Faculty